Annual sales of Top 5 items inventory: Minisforum mini series

Annual sales of Top 5 items inventory: Minisforum mini  series

With the rapid development of science and technology, mini host has gradually become the new favorite of modern office and entertainment due to its portable, efficient and energy-saving features. In the past year, Minisforum, as one of the industry leaders, witnessed the rise of the mini host market, and even more so, with its excellent product design language and innovation, it has successfully launched a number of mini computers that are highly favored by consumers.

Today, we will take a look at the annual sales of Minisforum's official website statistics of the Top 5 mini computers, to see how they stand out in the highly competitive market.

No. 5: NAB6

One of the convenience of the mini computer is reflected in the quick release. Compared to the traditional host to replace the memory hard disk need to remove the chassis is different, NAB6 as a classic Minisforum quick release products, the use of widely acclaimed by customers to press the top cover design, just a light press, you can let the user is very convenient to replace the memory and hard disk and other accessories.

In terms of configuration, it is equipped with an intel I7 12650H processor with 10 cores and 16 threads, very strong performance and outstanding energy efficiency ratio of the large and small core design, together with the liquid gold cooling technology, to ensure that the machine in the high-load operation of the stability of the heat dissipation efficiency. In addition, the front and back of the body has a wealth of expansion interfaces, a total of four USB type-A, three USB type-C ports, and two HDMI ports, support for four-screen simultaneous display, the layout is reasonable. There are also two RJ45 ports for link aggregation and soft routing. And the back is reserved for VESA wall mounting holes, which can be easily installed behind the monitor to become an all-in-one machine, further releasing desktop space. Its comprehensive performance is comprehensive, providing smooth operation and usage experience for designers, programmers and gamers alike.

NAB6 is positioned as an all-in-one mini host with a moderate price/performance ratio, and has become the first choice of many consumers due to the excellent stability and reputation of the intel platform.

No. 4: UM780 XTX

UM780 XTX as Minisforum 2023 the most cost-effective ZEN4 architecture mobile processor mini-host, equipped with AMD R7 7840HS processor, 8-core 16-thread full large-core design, strong performance, equipped with the 780M core display performance is comparable to the GTX1650 solo display, heat dissipation is also used in the liquid gold cooling.

It is equipped with dual USB4 ports that support PD power supply, dual network ports and innovative OCulink interface, support for linking the OCulink graphics card docking station, which can provide a better external graphics card performance loss than the Thunderbolt interface, belonging to one of the best performance of external solo display expansion program.

In addition, UM780 XTX also has a DIY LED light sheet, the tiger pattern on it can be changed according to your own ideas, and the color of the light is also divided into three kinds, alternating in a cycle, with a kind of neon beauty, of course, if you don't like the light pollution, you can turn off the LED light in the BIOS, which is easy to operate.

UM780 XTX not only has powerful performance and innovative interface combinations, but also has a unique appearance, highly recognizable, can meet the user's daily office and entertainment needs, but also provides more DIY possibilities.

No. 3: UM790 Pro

The UM790 Pro, Minisforum's flagship product, is equipped with the AMD R7 7940HS processor, which, as a frequency upgraded version of the R7 7840HS, is undoubtedly the most powerful mobile AMD processor of 2023.

It also features Minisforum's proud and industry-unique Liquid Gold cooling technology, which makes it easy to cope with soaring temperatures, whether you're multitasking or running big games.

It has dual USB4 ports and USB4 supports PD power supply, other USB type-A ports and HDMI ports are also readily available to support 4-screen simultaneous display.

UM790 Pro is positioned as an ultra-high-performance mini-homes, and has won the favor of many professional users and gamers in pursuit of the ultimate in performance and expansion capabilities.

No. 2: UM480 XT

Price/performance ratio is the most competitive point in the market, and the UM480XT occupies an important position in the market with its superb price/performance ratio. It is equipped with AMD R7 4800H processor, although this is a processor 3 years ago, but its performance in today's still can be a big job, in the ladder list its score can be comparable to i7-11600H, and in the same price range performance comparison has no rivals, as a thousand-dollar price of the machine, it does not skimp on the adoption of the liquid gold cooling technology, to ensure that the machine's stable operation. Support for three screens with the same display and 15W portable screen link, whether it is office or entertainment, can provide an excellent user experience.

Its positioning as a super cost-effective mini host, very high cost-effective makes it become the first choice of many consumers as a TV box and daily office machines, and has won a number of companies' office purchase orders.

No. 1: UM773 SE

As the annual sales champion, UM773 SE has attracted the attention and love of many value parties with its unique cherry blossom pink appearance, which is beautiful on the outside and not bad on the inside.

It is equipped with AMD R7 7735HS processor, 8 cores and 16 threads, equipped with 680M core display, both processor performance and core display performance is very good, as one of the earliest release of the 7000 series of Razorbacks, put under the current market, the price is particularly outstanding.UM773 SE also uses liquid gold cooling technology, to ensure that the machine in the high-load operation of the stability of the heat dissipation efficiency.

The pink cherry blossom shell design and outstanding price/performance ratio make it stand out among many mini hosts as a perfect combination of fashion and performance. In addition, it has four USB type-A ports and two HDMI ports, it also carries a USB4 port that provides faster data transfer.

Whether it is for daily office or leisure entertainment, UM773 SE can meet the diversified needs of users and has won wide popularity among consumers.


Each of Minisforum's five mini-console models is unique in its own way, full of innovation and practicality in both performance and design. They have won the favor of consumers by virtue of their excellent performance, outstanding heat dissipation technology, diversified interface configurations and reasonable price/performance ratio. The public like the product is really excellent products!

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