A Comprehensive Review of Minisforum EM780: The Best Mini PC Yet


A brand new mini console will break your perception of the mini console, it will let you know that in the powerful performance at the same time, as well as taking into account the core of the mini console - "mini" as Minisforum's latest ultra-mini console! --As Minisforum's latest ultra-mini console, the EM780, he not only has a super-mini size, but also has a very powerful function.

As a fan of mini-console, this review will be Minisforum EM780 mini-console in-depth review, aims to provide consumers with detailed product information for purchase reference. Our review of the EM780 configuration for the 16G + 512G version, let's see what surprises this machine will bring us.

1. Appearance

The pure black design is simple and fashionable, compact and exquisite.

External ports are plentiful, with two USB4 ports, three blue USB3 type-A ports, a 3.5MM headphone jack, an HDMI port, and even a TF card port.

In addition to the front of the machine, the rest of the five sides are equipped with ventilation and cooling port, the top is for the CPU set up a small fan, and the bottom there is a SSD set up a smaller fan.

Measured length is 80.08mm, width is 80.19mm, height without feet is 40.03mm, height with feet is 43.11mm, calculated volume is 0.257L.The test weight is only 237.9g.

In addition, because the EM780 use USB4 interface power supply, so you can use some of the cell phone charger or rechargeable treasure its power supply, at least to support the 20V, 3.25A output power, it is recommended that The output power is the same as the original or not more than 100W, so that you only need to take a power supply out of the house.

2. Configuration

The EM780 is powered by an AMD Riptide 7 7840U processor, with 16G of RAM on board, a 512G hard drive with a 2230-spec NVME SSD, and a BIOS version of the machine we have in our hands of 1.02. Let's start by taking a look at its parameters with our testing software.

We used AIDA64 to test the read/write speed and timing of the memory, and the results are shown in the graph, the EM780 uses 16G LPDDR5 6400MHz on-board memory, which can't be replaced, with a timing of 19-15-17-34. The performance can be said to be very good, and the read/write speeds are very fast, and the high-frequency memory is very helpful to the core graphics, which can effectively improve the frame rate of the game.

Using CrystalDiskInfo to detect the hard disk for Kingston's 512G SSD, go to the PCIE4.0X4 channel, read speed 3464MB/S, write speed 4957.92MB/S, is considered the level of the normal PCIE4.0 hard disk, need to pay attention to is that the M.2 hard disk can be replaced, but you need to buy the M.2 2230 specification hard disk replacement.

In addition, we also looked at the device manager to see that the NIC used is the AX1675w, which is a very good WIFI6 NIC, and the card is also on-board, so it can't be replaced.


Briefly summarize the current EM780 configuration information:
1. equipped with R7 7840U processor, 28W standard power consumptio.
2. Memory for the onboard LPDDR5 memory, the official sale of 16G and 32G version, can not be replaced, so it is recommended to prioritize the purchase of high-capacity memory version.
3. Hard disk for the M.2 2280 specifications, support for PCIE4 hard disk, the official sale of 512GB and 1TB version, although you can replace the hard disk, but due to the trouble of dismantling the machine, so it is recommended that priority be given to the purchase of high-capacity storage versions.
4. The network card is AX1675w, the on-board network card, can not be replaced, the performance is powerful enough, high playability.
Next, we test the overall performance of this CPU performance, here to explain the test results due to the different body of the machine will be different, this result is for reference only. We used 3DMARK and Cinebench R23 for the score test, the results are as follows. In R23, the CPU scored 1373 for single-core and 13362 for multi-core.

3. Performance

The CPU Profile in 3DMARK is shown in the figure.

We also tested the score of the 780M core display with 3DMARK as shown in the graph. The score results are all very impressive, with a roughly 10% improvement over the previous generation 680M core.

Of course, there are review software score data is not enough, we also briefly tested a few games, let's see how the actual performance in the game. The first is the original God, the frame rate under this setting can basically be stabilized at 60 frames, some complex scenes will fall to about 50 frames, basically can be said to run smoothly without pressure.

The pure black design is simple and fashionable, compact and exquisite.

In the standard three medium quality, the PUBG lobby fps 120 + fps, the training ground multiplayer scene game fps 75 fps, this data basically also indicates that it can run smoothly, but if you pursue more than a hundred fps, then you have to use the USB4 external solo display docking station.

We also tested Cyberpunk 2077, with the relevant settings and game frames as shown. With the default low quality presets, the actual game frame rate is around 40 fps, so you can play a bit, but expectations should not be too high.

4. Heat dissipation

Finally, for mini hosts, cooling performance is especially critical. The EM780 mini host is advertised to use Liquid Gold cooling technology, which will bring excellent cooling effect to the mini host. Let's see if such a small body can balance performance and heat dissipation.

In addition, because the EM780 use USB4 interface power supply, so you can use some of the cell phone charger or rechargeable treasure its power supply, at least to support the 20V, 3.25A output power, it is recommended that The output power is the same as the original or not more than 100W, so that you only need to take a power supply out of the house.

In the room temperature of 25 ℃, and configured with high temperature heating, the first 12 minutes, the power consumption of the CPU can be stabilized at 30W, at this time to reach a maximum temperature of 81.6 ℃, and then it will be reduced to 28W to run continuously, and at this time the maximum temperature is only 80 ℃.

The maximum temperature of the hard disk is only 63 ℃, the cooling performance is very good.

From this, we conclude that even under prolonged high load operation, the EM780's overall temperature is always kept within a reasonable range. This provides consumers with a stable and reliable experience without having to worry about the impact of heat dissipation on the performance of the host computer.

After that, we also supplemented the test with standby power consumption and full-load power consumption, as shown in the figure. The power consumption in sleep standby fluctuates around 2.5W, while the power consumption at full load of the double bake fluctuates around 52W. Of course, this power consumption will be related to the size of the memory and hard disk, power consumption of external devices, but I think the difference will not be too big. Standby power consumption is very low and power efficient, and the standard 65W adapter is enough to run the machine at full load.


Through a comprehensive review of the Minfan EM780 mini host found that this product is really worth recommending, thanks to the excellent performance and rich interface configuration, the Minfan EM780 mini host has a wide range of application scenarios. Whether it is home entertainment, or go out for business, it can meet. In addition, its excellent heat dissipation performance ensures the stability of long-time use, so that users do not need to worry about the impact of heat dissipation problems on the performance of the host. And its interface configuration is rich and diverse, providing users with a convenient way to connect, you can link through the USB4 Docking Station to get a stronger gaming performance experience, you can also conveniently insert the TF card into the machine without the need for a docking station.

In our opinion, the EM780 is one of the masterpieces of the mini host, it perfectly balances the volume and performance, is the perfect design, he will subvert people's concept of the larger the volume of the stronger the performance, technology is advancing, we also hope that after the Mingfan can launch more products that will make us amazed.

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